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Accurate valuations are vital especially if you’re looking to sell.

When the time comes for selling your property, the main question that each owner asks themselves is :

“What is the market price for my property in Bansko at the moment?“

My name is Georgi Penev, and I am manager at Excel Property real estate agency.
If you make a request “How much is my Bansko property worth at the moment?”, you will get a competent and professional answer proven by facts within 24 hours, absolutely FREE, without any additional taxes or obligations!

My team and I have more than 14 years of professional experience in the real estate line of business! We know in details the real estate market in the area of Bansko and Razlog!

How do you make a valuation for a property in Bansko?

If you are the owner of a property (an apartment) for sale in Bansko, the sale process starts with a PROPERTY VALUATION! This service, that we offer absolutely FREE of charge, is provided taking into consideration the most innovative world standards and tendencies in the on-line real estate business!

We offer two main options:

Personal meeting and visit of the property in Bansko

If this option is chosen, the owner provides access to their property and one of our real estate experts personally visits the property, takes professional photos, studies all the details of the complex (building) where the property is situated;

On-line Valuation and Roughly price

When the owner of a property in Bansko decides to make use of this option, our experts will make a detailed analysis of the demand, the supply, and the actual number of deals that are completed in the area (the complex or the building) in Bansko where the property is, and we will send you a Rough price of the property.

In general, the selling price is a balance attained by analogy of considering the price and evaluating similar properties in Bansko and Razlog, all in the context of the current market conditions.

There are three most common methods for valuation of a property: The Method of the expenses, the Method of the income, and the Method of the market analogies.

If I have to be more specific, the main factors which influence the valuation of a property in Bansko are the following:

  1. Location in BANSKO – This is the main factor that reflects on the price of every property in Bansko. The prices are higher for properties that are nearby the gondola in Bansko! Buyers (investors) prefer properties at that exact location in Bansko. Also, the other preferred location by buyers of properties in Bansko is the area around the old center of the town (the so-called city area of Bansko, around Pirin street and Gotse Delchev street).
  2. The complex (the building) where the property is situated – Another major factor when forming the price of a property in Bansko. When the property is located in a well-maintained and professionally managed complex, where the annual maintenance tax is reasonable and is spent for its intended purposes, this results in a higher valuation of your property. If the property is in a badly kept complex where the spa center, the swimming pool, the restaurant, etc are not working, if the annual maintenance tax is high, then those factors lead to a lower valuation of the property.
  3. Furnished or unfurnished – obviously the well-furnished properties have higher valuation than those that are unfurnished or are partially-furnished.
  4. The current conditions of the property – If the property is in a badly maintained building, most probably there will be issues with its conditions – water leaks, humidity, need for repainging, etc. This will result in a lower valuation because it will be necessary to make expenses in order to repair the property and present it to the buyers in Bansko in the normal coditions that they prefer.

Every owner who sells their property in Bansko has different needs and expectations around the time it will take to finalize the sale of their property. Some clients need a fast sale, and for such people our company has developed innovative online platforms and work know-how. We sell properties in Bansko within 30 working days. For more information, make an inquiry!

Last but not least, you should know that the most important condition for guaranteeing the high quality and precision of a property valuation in Bansko is the accurate information on the real estate market in Bansko and Razlog, the expertise and the competences of the person making the valuation.

The valuation is completely FREE and with no hidden extra costs. If you want to get a valuation, call us directly at: + 359 (0) 878 60 77 22

free bansko property valuation by Georgi Penev

About Georgi Penev

Georgi Penev is a Managing co-owner in Excel Property Sofia, a Real Estate company founded in 2008. Georgi has more than 14 years of experience in Real Estate. He was born in 1979 in Nova Zagora.

Georgi’s professional qualifications and education include a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration (2006), Master’s degree in State and Local Administration with specialization in Higher Administration (2008), and a second Master’s degree in Real Estate Economy with specialization in Property Management (2014).

How Much Is My Bansko Property Worth?

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